Olaf Heine
Olaf Heine is best-known for his detailed, carefully staged photographic portraits. He is one of Germany's most successful and sought-after portrait photographers. The list of the musicians, actors, athletes, and writers he has taken portraits of is sheer endless. Despite their fame, which can indeed be felt, they appear human, sensitive, vulnerable, and approachable.

Olaf was studying architecture in Hanover when some friends persuaded him to photograph their record sleeve. The album launched Terry Hoax, one of the most popular groups of that time in Germany, and sparked a new obsession for Olaf. Soon after, he moved to Berlin to study photography at the prestigious Berlin Lette Verein. While enrolled, he continued his artistic collaborations with musicians. Since then, he's shot countless editorials and album packages. He has also branched out as an award-winning director of commercials and music videos and has worked on advertising campaigns for Adidas, Sony, Nike or Rolex.

As a photographer, Olaf has published two books with Hatje Cantz Publishers and has had numerous solo shows, including exhibits at the Hiltawsky Gallery in Berlin, the Noorderlicht Museum in Groningen and the Icon Gallery in Los Angeles.

"It takes a rare photographer like Olaf to get behind that mask, to reveal the vulnerable soul behind. I do not wish to give myself easily to the eye of a camera unless the person holding it is at risk too."-Sting

"Olaf is blessed with a clear and inescapable German eye. You better run, or fight back."-Iggy Pop